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What kind of businesses use text message marketing successfully?

Updated: Jan 31

I would find it hard to believe that you can’t in some way, incorporate texting into your business to elevate your marketing, and build one on one relationship with your customers.

The following types of businesses can and already are using text message marketing:

• Retail

• Restaurants

• Salons

• Bike Shops

• Coffee Shops

• Car Service Centers

• HVAC Repair

• Plumbers

• Real Estate Agents

• Brands

• Agencies

• Car Washes

• Doctors

• Dentists

• Lawyers

• Online Marketers

• Bloggers

• Podcasters

• Radio hosts

• Web TV show hosts

• Fitness professionals

• Chefs

• Entertainment venues

• Bars

• Night clubs

• Casinos

• Banks

• Financial institutions

• Dry cleaners

The list can go on.

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