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What to Text Restaurant Customers?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Now that you have a database of your customer's phone numbers, for sure, you are wondering what to text them.

There are two main categories of text message that businesses choose to send to their customers:

1. Exclusive offers

With offers, our goal is to grow our profit, to make some dough around here!

Offers such as Weekly deals, or specials, like Valentine's Day special, or Superbowl special, or pizza of the month special, or your Monday special.

Any of those is considered offers that you want your customers to know about. You want them to get those deals exclusively from your restaurant.

When it comes to offers, you must have a system in place. You can use a simple spreadsheet or even a piece of paper if you don't want to complicate things.

But again, you need to plan it out. And to make things easier and more convenient, you can simply use a text messaging platform to automate it.

The text message will be sent out every single week or whenever you scheduled it.

It is automatically be received by your customer without your involvement.

We use the exact same system for our clients. We use the spreadsheet, and it is not difficult to manage at all.

We refined and worked on a system that goes best for us. It takes us less than an hour a month to just simply go in and automate the whole thing, and it's done.

You must look one to three months ahead, see what holidays are coming up, and what is going to be your offer to your customers.

We want to be proactive. It will be much easier to manage everything if you think ahead and plan for it. It's less stressful because you already know what's coming down the pipe.

2. Reminders

You might have received text messages from your local doctor's office wherein they are reminding you of an upcoming appointment that you have.

So maybe, as a restaurant owner, your question is, how are you going to practice this?

Here are some tips for you:

1. Scheduling an interview. For instance, we received applications on our website or other websites such as Snagajob, Snappyjob, or Indeed.

Once a week, our manager goes through all the applicants, selects the ones that seem promising, and sends them a text message to schedule an interview with us.

We have found out that most of the time, especially with the Millenials, people prefer to receive text messages versus an email or a phone call.

So the purpose of that is to make sure that people will show up for their interview.

2. Setting reminders before the interview. A text message will be sent 30 minutes or an hour before the actual scheduled time of the meeting.

This way, job applicants will be reminded to come on time.

3. Providing reminders for yourself. Another way that we used reminder text messages in our business is to set up reminders for ourselves.

For example, I received a text message every single month that I have set up for myself to make sure I submit sales text before the 20th of every month.

With Reminders, you can be creative. You can use it whichever way you see it fit for your restaurant.

So to sum things up, again, if you've been thinking about what to text your customers, you can use the two most common kinds of text messages that business owners send to their customers.

These are the Offers and Reminders.

We recommend our clients to text their customers weekly to be consistent. The goal is to create a weekly habit effectively.

That's what we have done in our restaurant for the last five years. We have texted over a million texts within that half-decade for our pizzeria.

Text Message Marketing helped us tremendously increase our sales and gain our customers' loyalty and trust.

We definitely want you to experience the same in your restaurant!

For more information on how to start with your very own Text Message Marketing using our affordable platform, please contact us now!

Visit our website or send us an email at

Activate your landline’s number to receive texts today!

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