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Welcome to

Making Dough Show

Your go-to place for step by step practical training to grow your restaurant sales day in and day out. 

Being a restaurant owner is not for the faint of heart but we firmly believe:

"Sales, cures a multitude of issues"

Percentage of restaurants going out of business is mind boggling. Having great sales may not solve all of your problems, but let me tell you, it makes it all bearable! 

Our boys Luke and Mark

We had 0 prior experience in the restaurant business and at the time, our boys were very young (1 and 3 yrs old).  

We were able to

double our restaurant sales in less than 2 years and over tripled our sales in less than 5 years with 0 prior restaurant experience. 




We were given the Small Business of the Year award for two consecutive years from our local chamber of commerce for our community involvement.  


We are Matthew and Enga (picture above)! Restaurant owners just like you. 

We met and got married in college studying engineering. Once we graduated and joined the work force, we realized the regular 9-5 wasn't for us! 

We wanted to be in business and work together. 


We loved having people over and serving them delicious scratch made food, so, we thought opening a restaurant combines our passion for food and business! 

It took God's favor, a lot of Blood, sweat and tears + an obsession with marketing that got us out of the ditch! 


We are in the trenches just like you, dealing with customers, staff, equipment failure and much more! 

Join Us in this journey and let's crush our restaurant sales month after month. 


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