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Welcome to Making Dough Show

We are Matt and Enga!


Husband and wife, parents, engineers and Restaurant owners deep in the trenches. 

We want to help YOU grow your sales

through the podcast show,

resources and

trainings because we believe: 

Every Restauranteur

Deserves Owning a Profitable

Restaurant that Does Not Own Them!

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Ultimate guide.png

The Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Guide

The exact strategies that has helped us over triple our sales in less than 5 years 

52 ideas for 52 weeks of the year to market your restaurant.

10 steps to a successful promotion.png

10 Steps to a Successful Restaurant Promotion

FREE Checklist

10 Steps to making any promotion, any event or any special a

SUCCESS in your restaurant.

Negative review.png

Negative Review



7 Steps to Responding to a Negative Review


Turn every negative reviewer into a repeat business  

Got questions?
Any way we can help you with your marketing? Let us know below and we will get in touch with you 

Tools of the Trade

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