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How to build your subscriber list for your Restaurant's Text Message Marketing

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Text Message marketing can definitely grow your restaurant sales when utilized properly.

After you identify what kind of messages you send to your customers, it is the best time to think about building your subscriber list.

To build your list, you need to get a call-to-action out in front of people. You can do this by making sure that they opt-in to your list.

Remember that with text message marketing, you can't just put somebody's phone number into a text message marketing software and text them.

Customers need to opt-in first to receive the information that you want to send.

We highly recommend the following methods for you to make people opt-in to your text message marketing:

1. In-store signs. You may put up in-store signs, on the tables, on the wall, or at any spot in your restaurant where people can easily see it. Give them a reason to opt-in.

You can say something like, "TEXT (opt-in number) and (KEYWORD) to enter into the list and get VIP promotions on slow days or coupons on special events."

2. Website. You must guarantee that SMS opt-in is a prominent feature on your website.

3. Social media sites. You can add to your social media posts and ads call-to-action to drive people to opt-in.

4. Email. Send email blasts to urge people to opt-in to your SMS list.

5. Printed materials. You can always add instructions for SMS opt-in on your coupons, flyers, receipts, posters, boxes/packages, etc.

6. Staff. You can train your staff to ask customers for it. Let them offer customers the option to receive text messages that will carry promotions, updates, discounts, etc.

It is critical to get people to opt-in to your subscriber list. Growing your list can determine whether your Text Message marketing is working. So think about all the possible ways you can do to make it happen.

Activate your landline’s number to receive texts today!



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