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6 Steps to Grow Restaurant Sales Using Text Message Marketing

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Text Message Marketing or SMS Marketing is a great way to gain visibility for your customers. About 98% of all text messages are opened.

That is why even up to the present, it is still the best platform among all other digital marketing channels, like email marketing, to promote your business.

However, here comes the big question, how to utilize Text Message Marketing to grow your sales?

For you to boost more sales using SMS Marketing, you must follow these 6 steps:

1. Decide what type of content to send to customers.

Determine what information you want to text. This is the key to successful SMS marketing.

Consider your text campaigns as VIP type of content for your best and most loyal customers. What do they want exactly?

Think about this scenario, for instance, it's a slow day on Wednesday at dinner. Instead of just sitting there and dealing with it, you can send a text message out to the loyal customers of your restaurant.

You can text them that you have a $ 10 off a meal or a discount on a specific item. Now one by one, customers will come in to take advantage of that deal that you are directly offering through a text message.

So think about what type of content you can send to your customers to drive more sales. Add more value so that they are motivated to stay opted into your list.

2. Begin creating your lists.

Once you identify what kind of messages you would like to send, it's now time to think about building your subscriber list.

To create your list, you need to get a call-to-action out in front of people. Remember that customers need to opt-in first to receive the information that you want to send.

You may put up in-store signs, on the tables, on the wall, or at any spot in your restaurant where people can easily see it.

You can also use your website and social media page to urge people to opt-in to your SMS list.

You need to get people to opt-in to your list, so think about all the ways you can do to make it happen.

3. Sign up for an SMS marketing tool.

There are various SMS marketing tools designed for small businesses, including Making Dough Agency's easy to use and affordable Text Marketing software.

Our team will set up a unique KEYWORD for you. We will help you import your current list of customers from your POS system to our platform.

​If you don't have a list, we will provide you step by step procedures on how you can grow it to thousands!

Once customers opt-in, give them an instant offer that they couldn't resist. Say, "THANK YOU FOR OPTING-IN, WE ARE GIVING YOU A complimentary dessert with a minimum purchase of $10. SHOW THIS TEXT MESSAGE ON YOUR NEXT VISIT."

If only 20 customers redeem it, you'll make $200 in profitability!

4. Track your subscriber's growth.

Keep a record of your subscriber's increasing number.

You need to make sure that your campaigns are working.

If not, you may need to change your call-to-action or your email or social media content.

Tweak them a little bit so they will be more compelling.

If you see growth on your list and you see more value out of it, you start seeing improvement in your sales.

5. Practice proper timing.

Always remember that subscribers can see text messages in real-time. So the best moment to send your message is when users are ready to take action.

You wouldn't want to send to your text message too late or too early, right?

People are busy and forget quickly. This is why proper timing is so powerful.

For instance, you can send the message right before the typical lunch hour rush. So when they think about where they are going to have their lunch today, text them. You've just reminded them about your restaurant in an instant!

6. Only send valuable content.

Do not overdo it. Less is more with text message marketing.

Send only the most relevant content to your customers. Keep your messages short, simple, but fascinating.

Do that, and you will see a few users opt-in and more list growth.

You also establish a positive brand experience. Your goal is to make every customer look forward to your next message.

Make your subscribers love what you send them. They might even refer you to their friends, and this only indicates more profit for you.

Activate your landline’s number to receive texts today!



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