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What is Permission Based Marketing

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

A Permission Based Marketing tactic is the most effective kind.

Why? Because you are simply marketing to those who want to hear messages from your business and give you permission. Maybe they love your restaurant, or it’s that they would like to receive your weekly deals and offers! Option #1: Customers Opt In

“Text the word CHEESY to the phone # 40691 to receive exclusive weekly deals at your fingertips” This is an example of asking customers to join and opt into your database to receive weekly texts from your restaurant. We also treat those who join our texting database to a small complimentary order of our famous zeppole donuts!

We’ve added over 4,000 phone numbers to our database in the last 5 years!

You can use this same message on all these other places to promote your Texting Service Facebook, Instagram, 4 wall, bottom of the register, napkin holders, table numbers, table tents, Facebook groups and more.

Option #2: Export your database

Export the current list of customers you have to your texting platform!

Our team can assist you in exporting your current database to our platform, and also, help you with scripts and templates to promote your texting serving so you continue to add hundreds of phone numbers to your database WEEKLY.

By law we can't just continue texting them weekly without their permission. So, here is what we'll do:

We send the following text to your database:

“Joe’s Pizza: THANK you for being our customer. Reply with a Y if you’d like to receive exclusive weekly deals at your fingertips from us! Reply with STOP to unsubscribe”

This is a message you can text to all your past customers!

When they reply with a Y, they will automatically be added to your database for weekly offers.

Our platform streamlines this whole process for you.

Want to learn more about how our team can assist you with Text Message Marketing?



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