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The Best Marketing Strategies To Keep In Touch With Customers

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

There are at least four marketing strategies that we can use to bring back our customers to our restaurant and make sure that they will not forget about us.

These are email marketing, text message marketing, social media posts (organic reach) and direct mail marketing or mailers.

Do you know which among these 4 marketing strategies are the most effective for a restaurant business when it comes to keeping in touch with your customers?

They are text message marketing and email marketing!

Here are some keys to success in utilizing these two powerful tools:

1. Consistency to be Top-of-mind. It must be done weekly to get the best results.

We send our email and text message every Friday (at 4:00 PM) because that's the day when people are thinking about their weekend.

They think of what to do with their families.

We are giving them an idea where they can spend time with their families for the weekend.

It's like an instant invitation for them to come and celebrate with us.

2. Batching quarterly system. You have to come up with a system that will cover your quarterly schedule.

We have a system we used to map out our text messages and emails. The date when it will be published, the actual text message and email campaign, the deals, etc. are all there.

This also helps restaurant managers to see what do we have for the week so that they can prepare everything properly.

3. Automation. We use software to automate all our text messages and emails for the next 13 weeks and forget about it.

It is practical, time-saving, and affordable. One thing in the restaurant is that automation is not possible most of the time, from placing a food order to inventory, and more.

Only a few things can be automated in this business. If they do, you need to use a 3rd party tool to make it possible.

Value your time, money and energy.

If you can pay for just a few hundred dollars to make things easier and convenient for you, just like what email and text message marketing can offer to your business, take advantage of it.

Optimize there usage and get a good Return of Investment.

These tools can definitely help you to keep in touch with your customers consistently, thus, building a meaningful relationship with them.

Have customers who would not only come back once, twice, or thrice to your restaurant, but will keep their loyalties to you for a lifetime.



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