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Give Customers What They Want

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Adding menu offerings, hosting new events, changing decor... so many things you're trying to plan for your restaurant, two questions in your mind... will it work, or will it flop?

All that matters is understanding what our customers want and give it to them. That's what success in this business is all about.

Without customers, we have nothing. Give them what they crave for, they'll be willing to spend their money on you, and your sales will grow.

So you are probably wondering how you would know what your customer's desires are? Here are three points to remember:

1. A simple tip is to ask them!

Aside from directly getting the information from your customers, asking them will make them feel valued.

Indeed, we must always give importance to our customer's feedback. Be sure to ask a variety of people and ask for their opinions.

Never assume that people would love your ideas, instead ask them. Gather intel, so you can make a wise choice on what's going to serve your customers.

2. Read your online reviews!

Your online reviews must provide you with vital information about what your customers like or dislike concerning your food or service.

This is why encouraging your customers to give you online reviews is vital, especially in this day and age, where most people do their "searches" over the internet.

They go online first before proceeding to the physical restaurant. There's even a big chance that they won't go if there are so many negative reviews about your place.

3. Read the reviews of those restaurants within the 3-4 mile radius of your establishment!

You can also determine what's in and what's out with the customers by reading the reviews of other restaurants surrounding your establishment.

It is a simple way of gathering data about the newest trends in the restaurant industry and what customers prefer the most.

By doing all these things, you can discern what your customers want to see more of, and what they don't.

Keep in mind that having great ideas isn't bad at all. However, you have to ensure that customer feedback should be put into consideration, first and foremost.

Again, for you to win in this business, give customers what they want!


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