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The 80/20 Rule in Your Restaurant

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Life in the restaurant business is 24/7 stressful. It is just a fact.

But this is only true if you don't handle complex situations well.

So here's my question for you:

What is 20% of the different aspects of the restaurant business that is going to have an 80% impact?

For instance, what is 20% when it comes to your marketing?

What is 20% of your menu offering? Or management?

What is the 20% when it comes to things you're stressed about and your frustrations?

What is going to have the most impact?

What problems can you solve that will have an 80% impact instead of solving little problems with no outcomes?

The restaurant work is an endless dilemma. That's the reality you and I need to accept. And as you solve them, you will get new problems.

Challenges with your people, equipment, customers, etc. would always come and go. It is the hard truth of the restaurant industry.

So we need to be disciplined.

Know what you are going to tackle the moment you come into the office.

For instance, in my office, I have 20 different things that I could work on, and different people want stuff from me. They need answers from me, so I have to make decisions.

I need to identify what is the 20% of the emails I received I must respond to and ignore the rest and be at peace with it.

If you find yourself completely stressing over too many details in your business, you are solely putting your health and your team in a disservice.

Stop stressing over things that nobody cares about. It's perfectly fine to relax and stay calm. Don't get too overwhelmed with so many issues that you may be dealing with.

Why am I saying this? Because I used to get stressed so much for the first three years being in this business.

Consequently, I have learned that I need to be disciplined with my time and energy.

Solve problems that are going to have a tremendous impact.

This way, I can be at home and enjoy more time with my family.

Do not waste your time. Boost your productivity by centering on more valuable things that will give you significant results.

Focus on what you're great at. Know the things that deliver optimal returns for you and your business.

Apply this 80/20 rule in your work or business, and even in your "life." Realize that the world can be so much fun, and exciting.


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