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A Quick Tip to INCREASE your Team Productivity

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The speed of service is one of the most crucial aspects of customer service in a restaurant business.

This is why finding ways to save time, energy, and resources is a must in our company.

However, ensuring that our staff is always productive can be challenging. People get distracted and disengaged from their tasks for some reason.

As a restaurant owner or manager, what is the best productivity advice you can give to a fellow business owner?

Today, I have an absurd practical tip for you in increasing the productivity of your team.

We all know that in the restaurant business, efficiency is very crucial.

To ensure that we don't waste time and deliver our desired results, we have this one rule in our company that may apply to your team as well:

Never assign more than one person to work on a simple task.

When two people need to do a simple task together, the amount of time it takes doesn't decrease. It does not divide by two, but in fact, it multiplies by two.

Let me explain to you further what I mean.

For instance, it only takes three minutes for one person to put the big trashcan you have in your restaurant to the dumpster. But if you have two people do this task, more likely it's going to take six minutes.

If you have one person in charge of folding 100 pizza boxes who finishes within 15 minutes, and your thinking of assigning an additional person so it would now only take 7 minutes, that won't happen.

It will take double the amount of time. You know why? Because the focus of the people working on this simple task would decline.

These people will get engaged in a conversation, and that's one of the reasons the productivity goes down.

They'll get busy with the task and, at the same time, in chit chatting. And the simple work they're doing, instead of finishing it hours ago, will keep going because the convo is still not done.

So that's the simple tip I have for you, to never have two or more people work on a simple task.

I hope that this absurd tip that I have for you will serve for your restaurant. Because again, it reduces productivity and does not increase it all.

You and I must solve problems systematically. If you find yourself telling people, "Hey, stop talking, finish that task, or go do this and that," it's because you are not relying on a system. You are relying on people. And to be in that position makes you vulnerable.

Keep in mind that proper management can guarantee that your team is more productive, and your business is more profitable.


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