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SPEED and ACCURACY: Our Customer Obsession

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

A team member came and told me how the first night after watching several training videos (by me) would give her some "nightmares" about SPEED and ACCURACY.

The reason for that is because in those instructional videos we had during the on-boarding process of the training, we hammered these two words, speed, and accuracy.

Why am I, as a restaurant owner, obsessed with these two words?

Here is the truth behind this obsession...

1. It's because our customers are obsessed with their time. No matter how great or delicious your food is, it will ruin the customer's experience if it's served late and inaccurate.

2. If you know something that matters to your customers, that should matter to you and to the whole team.

3. You and I need to be obsessed with things that matter to the customers, and let go of the stuff that doesn't really matter to them. That should be our focus.

And now, the questions I have for you...

  • Are you aware of the things that matter to your customers?

  • What are the three things that make or break their experience in your establishment?

  • Do your managers and the rest of the team know about that?

Everybody must be obsessed with what the customers care about.

Our team must understand that for us to get what we need as a restaurant, which is to have customers continuously so we can continue to give our people raises, we need to give our patrons what they want.

And again, for a business like us, where competition is absolutely high, speed and accuracy can always make us a winner.


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