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Kill Obscurity, Gain Popularity for Your Restaurant

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Have a reality check: How POPULAR are you in your community?

Is the majority of people know your restaurant in your city or town?

If your answer to this is yes, that's great! If not, we're sorry to hear that. But for you to solve this problem, you must identify what is causing this and ensure that you do something about it.

The main reason why you don't have customers is because of obscurity. Obscurity is the state of being unknown or insignificant.

Thus, if there are not enough people who know about your restaurant, you are obscure, you are suffering from obscurity!

OBSCURITY can kill your restaurant business without you knowing it!

Will you just let your restaurant shut down because of not having enough customers for it to gain more profit?

Of course not right, so you better find ways to get out of the "dark" and get into the "light", be known and be recognized by the people.

Here's what happens, if none of the people know about your establishment, they don't know that you exist, it does not matter what you do in the restaurant.

No matter how much you improve your service, ticket times, give discounts, etc., it won't help if you are in the state of being unknown.

Sometimes you're in the restaurant, you talk to your manager. You try to strategize, like we should do this promotion, we should not increase our prices, we should come up with a combo, get one free, we should change our specials, maybe our menu is this, etc.

However, when there are fewer people who know about your restaurant, all of these plans could be useless.

It doesn't really matter what is it that you do in terms of improving your service or anything like that, you are just meeting the minimum of what you need and you know that in this business, you need a thousand of customers for you to succeed.



Do you want to know a unique business marketing idea that is effective and affordable to promote your restaurant to people?

Then, try applying Guerilla Marketing to your restaurant and gain popularity!

Guerilla Marketing is a creative marketing concept that is easy and affordable and only requires a little bit of creativity and hustle to make it successful.

Imagine this, someone wearing a costume like a pizza, a taco or a burger outfit, holding and dancing with your restaurant's sign during lunch and dinner rush hour on the busiest street near your restaurant!

Would it draw attention? Definitely yes, who wouldn't take a look at a dancing pizza, a taco or a burger guy on the roadside, right?

This marketing strategy is a great example of Guerilla Marketing. It is an easy and affordable way to fight obscurity for your restaurant business!

In our restaurant, which is a pizzeria, we have implemented a Guerilla marketing strategy quite often.

A couple of years ago, we used to do that daily. We had our pizza guy out on the side of the road every single day, especially during rush hour.

That used to get a lot of attention. People would honk horns and they would shout, "Hey pizza guy!" or they would take pictures of it.

This has been an effective method for our restaurant to involve our team, especially during a slow shift.

When we were slow, we have too many people on the clock, we assigned one of them to put on one of our pizza costumes to promote our pizzeria.

If you have a burger, taco, fries or whatever you have in your restaurant, you can find a costume for that and you too can surely do this!

Guerilla marketing is definitely an unconventional business marketing idea that is affordable, easy, and effective.

Utilize this strategy for your restaurant to promote it, kill obscurity and increase your popularity to get more customers and boost your sales!


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