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How your restaurant can shine in the Community?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

We have been talking about ways to defeat the pizza giants and laying a foundation for success.

In this blog, we address how small local businesses can shine in their community.

We have the obvious advantage.

As a small business, we can get to know our community on a personal level.

At our restaurant, we go out of our way to be courteous and get to know our customers personally.

We treat them with respect and make them feel appreciated.

We host events geared to families, enjoying good food and good times with friends.

We offer special BYOP nights so kids of all ages can build their own pizza.

We partner with Color Clay to make a pizza and create a craft.

We want to be that “go to” choice when people are looking for a family friendly place to hang out.

Nowadays, society has this sense of entitlement.

You’ve heard the phrase, “kill them with kindness”?

We want to form a relationship with our customers so they think of us as family.

Train your team to be attentive to the customer’s needs and make them feel appreciated.

Beyond the restaurant walls, find ways to reach your community and get involved in the events so people see how much you care.

In our next blog, we talk more about “Connecting with the Community”.



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