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How your restaurant can connect with the Community?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

In previous posts, we have been talking about how to stand out against the pizza giants.

We’ve discussed getting to know the community, laying a foundation for success and shining in your community.

This blog continues the discussion of how to connect with your community and other local businesses.

Specifically, the level of content. How are you going to build your brand?

How can you stand out and be the “giant” in your community.

These days people rely on and use social media daily in their business and personal life.

Our business produces, videos and blogs, posts on Facebook and YouTube, email, texts and other methods to reach our community.

People use social media to be inspired or informed.

We want to connect in both areas, so we post about events and happenings as well as blogs that inspire other small businesses to dream big.

Think locally, not globally.

By posting videos of ourselves and our staff, the community feels as if they already know us before they come to our restaurant.

We want to build that rapport before the first visit.

People will know the history of our name, the mural on the wall, the train and LEGO table, etc.

Find a way to connect to your community.

Our next blog talks about “How your restaurant can create that Small Town Feeling”.



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