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Train Your People to Walk Purposefully

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Did you know that we need to teach our people how to walk purposefully?

A few days ago, that question was thrown at me by our front of the house manager during a short meeting.

I got curious, so I asked her what she meant by that.

I got blown away with her answer. She said that we must train our people on how to walk purposefully -that is to walk with urgency, walking with an awareness of their surroundings.

To walk purposefully is not about being rushed, nor ignoring details. It is about being laser-focused on a task at hand.

For instance, you need to read the body language of the customers in one table who probably need a to-go box. Or that other table is almost done as you bring them the check.

To walk purposefully is having to anticipate what the customers would require next and provide them with the service that they need even before they ask for it.

To have that enthusiasm and willingness to help by being attentive and accommodating.

This way, we can show them that we are committed to providing them with exceptional service.

It is going to require an enormous amount of multi-tasking and presence of mind that our servers need to implement, and I admire my team for that.

So, how do we train our people to do all this stuff?

It is incredibly difficult. Some of these come with experience. We need to take this into action repeatedly until it becomes a habit.

Another one is by mentorship so the members can mirror that behavior.

It is about working with another team member who's able to guide and walk them through.

Emulating one's mindset and the process is critical, but this will help your team provide a customer service that goes above and beyond.

So the next time you walk in your restaurant, be sure to walk purposefully!


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