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Restaurant security and surveillance system | RESTAURANT OWNER CONVERSATIONS

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Welcome to another episode of making dough show! We’re talking about making dough and making dough!

This series weekly were going over answering your questions. We’re calling this series Conversation with Restaurant Owner.

So today, we’re going to answering Amy’s question and Amy asks “what you all recommend for a simple and easy to use surveillance security system?”

Man has not yet invented a simple and easy to use security system.

It might be easy to turn the camera on but then getting to actually talk to your phone.. I discovered that is very challenging and so the one we use is I wanted Sam’s Club and got the one with 16 cameras.

We started with 4 cameras but it would not talk to a phone, I think it was older. We want it to make sure that we can remotely manage and look to those cameras from whatever we are.

It is critical if you are out somewhere you got to check something. If the alarm company calls and there’s a break in something like that.

Like what happened a month ago we got broken into. What I’m going to do is to check our phone.

Anyways, you need to check your cameras and the best way to do it remotely.

That’s how the big guys do it. So I was able to go to Sam’s Club and find one of theirs. It was a Samsung eye police but I’m not sure of what they called it.

The DVR set up is about a 45 days to a month of recording time and it just records. And yes if someone doesn’t know what DVR is, it is a big hard drive box on the top shelf it comes with cameras.

It was fairly easy just run the wires plug play getting it to talk online it was much more challenging I did I think I did have to get a static IP to get it to work well which is like $20 a month.

But hey $20 a month so I can check the restaurant from a far it was worth it and it records all the time 30 to 45 days and it will start over.

That’s Leander it so most people look so you know expected. I understand that but getting stuff to download off of the internet getting it to connect it does work.

Once you figure it out but I don’t think that there is such a thing as simple. It took me a lot of hours to set it up but once it set fortunately thank God it has not broken.

So in three years it’s still going.

Samsung have the new system that is quite a substantial investment usually to make sure you’re watching your people like a hawk.

We haven’t reinvested in that though but we might be doing that soon.

I think that what Matthew was saying about a simple, I would say that there is no simple easy to use and affordable.

I’m sure you can call a company and they will have a state-of-the-art cameras.

Obviously, a lot of you know franchise companies you go there be a very very fancy camera.

I would simply add if you don’t want to spend a thousand dollar and because you’re an independent restaurant owner like me and you don’t have much better to have those cameras.

It is not simple but it’s certainly not impossible.

You can always call an electrician to come install whatever you buy from like Costco or Sam’s Club or something you can pay an electrician to come professionally install it for you or you can trade them pizza like I did.

We give it like a “VIP thing card” like every week you can come in and pick up a pizza that’s what we did and he went on a ladder and installed all the cameras. Jeff will see that at the restaurant.

I want to finish this video, having surveillance is very very important.

When you don’t need it, you need to install it.

It’s not an urgent matter before you need it. So when you need it you have it.

It so so important at times we need to check the camera and we’re watching our math.

It may take just a screenshot of something like people slacking off or whatever it is.

Simply send that via text message or they’re on their phone.

We’ve done that too they are on the phone and Mattie simple takes a screenshot of that and text it to them.

We’re watching the lineup set maybe it is simple but it can’t have a lot of entertainment and fun with it later on.

And also legal issues again, we don’t have too much fun that you create legal issues but yes like when we broke it into we couldn’t catch the thief but we were able to identify that to the officers.

We’ve had arguments or issues among multiple staff that they had a confrontation we can go back and watch the cameras overall.

If you don’t have it, make it happen.

It is very very important. I haven’t figure out the audio yet so if you know how please send me an email so that I can get that work. Thank you. All right big brother’s watching.

All right, thank you so much for watching this video I hope this was helpful Amy.

If you have any questions comment anywhere sure as opposed send us a damn here and there follow us on YouTube we have other shows over there as well but our mothership is at making dough show calm.

We have multiple free resources for you.

With that thank you for watching and let’s get back in making some dough people make it.

So let’s keep it all right. You all have a good day.



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