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How your restaurant can create that Small Town Feeling

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Most of us have seen “Leave It to Beaver”and “Andy Griffith”.

Everyone knows everyone and works together to create a better community.

Over time, we have lost that connection.

Competition drives us to work against each other rather than with each other.

We all have the same need to succeed.

Remember how back then they bartered for things they needed.

People today secretly miss and need that sense of community.

We want to reach out to our successful men and women and invite them to partner with us.

Make a video interviewing them and discuss how they made their business stand out against their giants.

How can we work together to make our community better?

Instead of a podcast, using a video allows people to better connect to the presenter visually, see their excitement as they proudly tell their story.

As new families move into the community, they look online to see the businesses and the area in general.

Our local magazine tries to present an overview of this, but does not meet the needs.

By posting our business online with personal videos, we have that chance to shine and represent our community with great pride.

For instance, seeing Connie from HEB talk about her job and business, people will want to go to that store.

They will feel as if they already know her.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

You have to strategically plan how you will accomplish this.

Sow the seeds today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

Leave your mark!

Let your community know that you are there to serve them any way you can, even beyond the 4 walls.

Our next blog talks about “ Your restaurants "Special Touch" to keep your customers come back for more”.



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