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Today, I want to talk about a question we got on our website on

Where Susan asks..

"Should my business respond to our online reviews or comments all of them the positive and the negative of somebody asking us so?"

So here’s my answer..

How does it feel like if you were standing in the dining room and somebody comes to you and says..

“Hey this was you know i don’t know I’m making stuff right you know the wings was pretty cold and the steak I had it wasn’t really how I wanted it."

"It was too salty and your server wasn’t friendly”

or if you’re standing in the dining room and you’re observing everywhere and somebody comes and tells you..

“Hey are you the owner or the manager?” or whatever and you said..

“Yeah! Yes, I am how can I help you” and they tell you..

“Hey will want to let you know guys you have been nice staffs this is our first time we had a phenomenal experience I was so surprised I didn’t really bump up why y’all this food is taste so good and fresh!”

In both cases are going to just stare at the customer and not say a word like this (insert smiley face here)

or you’re actually in both case you are going to respond??

Right! you’re gonna say something right online and offline is the same we are dealing with people.

It feels like a lot of times we think people online and whatever..

We’ve lost the fact that we’re still dealing with people..

Or as a human being who came into how restaurants sat over there..

gave us money and we served them our food,

and they had a good or bad experience they simply went home.

Put it online and write the review whatever they were going to tell us in our face they put that online and they can.

This is the day and time we live in and that’s what it is so yes you should!

.. and I feel you must respond to every single communication that comes to you whether it’s online reviews,

a message a comment, any comment that is left on a post on our social media we respond

whether it’s like "Hey that’s thanks for this or so.. glad to hear.."

Any of anywhere that somebody is telling us something it’s only natural and normal polite rate somebody’s telling you simply responds back as a person right we’re being people

..and that is also part of your brand

That’s part of your reputation..

because you know the big-box company down the road is not doing it right?

Wing Stop is not doing that or Pizza hut is not doing that.

You and I can so take the advantage of the fact that you can reply and respond to every single communication that comes your way..

and to your restaurant whether it is positive or negative reviews,

So YES! You need to respond to every single review.

As well as some templates for you can simply use and change a little bit here and there.

And make it your own so you have a system in place and responding to all the negative reviews that come your way.

If you are interested in that click on the link below in the description and grab that PDF you can print it or refer back to it, you can give it to a staff members at minimum wage for them to do it for you so easy.

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We have a bunch of other videos and this channel as well as in the description when it comes to managing your online reputation.

If you know how to do it, if you don’t know how to turn them into your sales please check them out this video is part of a playlist

and we want to help you manage your online reputation with a breeze,

Turn them into sales!

Thank you so much for watching and I see you next week right here in Making Dough Show.



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