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How to Maximize the Use of Facebook Ads Without Paying More

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In 2019, Facebook Ads work well when done right. The goal isn’t to boost just to boost to get reach. That’s the wrong way of using that tool.

So what do you need to maximize the use of Facebook ads without paying more?

You need to have a strategy and a budget when it comes to Facebook ads.

You should use Facebook ads to grow your contact database. Facebook ads work to help you build your database, your email list, your text database.

There must be an incentive in place, a reason why people would give you their email addresses or their cellphone numbers.

We don't necessarily use our Facebook ad platform to grow our sales but rather, we use it to grow our database of customers.

We are consistent in sending them weekly emails and text messages.

For instance, in every email that we send out, we make sure that it is educational, there's like a family deal and an entertainment section so people are more likely to open it.



We have higher open rate on our emails. That's where we make our money. So as we grow our database to 5,000, 7,000, or 10,000 plus customers, on a weekly basis, we can be in front of them.

All social media platforms may go away, one day, who knows right? They could all go away.

If you're just building your audience on social media, and your not building your email list and your database of text message, you are not being effective.

As a business owner you need to have a long term view. Budget wise, you can start for as low as 10$ a day. It's critical that you have a tangible way of tracking and seeing if the strategy in place does work or not.

You need to view Facebook ads as a fishing net.

If you are a smart businessman, you will not be limited to thinking that Facebook ads, or social media as a whole, is just a platform where your products or services can be promoted.

You need to view Facebook ads as a fishing net.

Facebook gives us access to the pond- a site for numerous and infinite opportunities for businesses, communications, entertainment, relationships and a lot more.

The fishes -our customers, almost everyone else is into social media nowadays, right?

They're all hanging out in the pond. They may not know nor heard about us, we don't know, but our goal is to utilize Facebook ads as a fishing net.

When we go to the Facebook pond, we throw the net, we catch these people and release them out to our pond.

As restaurant owners, we are in a catch and release business. Once we have these people in our pond, what we want to do is, of course, to feed them.

We can be in control, manipulate who sees our posts and who's not, without needing to pay Facebook every time we post something.

Here's the truth, currently we're in a state that even if all social media go away, and we stop posting on social media, we would steadily grow our sales by 10 percent or more, month after month, because we have a database over 10,000 customers that hear from us every single week.

What’s the best advice you can get from us? Stay focus on growing your sales, day in and day out, no matter who does not show up to the shift, no matter who quits, no matter what customer complain you get, stay focus on growing your sales.

Because that can reduce a lot of stress. Take advantage of social media, you grow your sales and make some dough!


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