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HOW to get ready to lose your top Restaurant Manager?!

Updated: Oct 12, 2019


HOW to get ready to lose your top Restaurant Manager?! | EP22

Are you ready to lose him?

Are you ready to lose her?

Your restaurants top manager.

Your restaurants top performer.

Today we are talking about your top performer, your top manager and

If you are ready to lose him or her!

The one you’ve been investing in for over a year.

The one you’ve been relying on for over a year.

The one you’ve been able to trust.

The one who works 45+ hrs a week..

The one Who never takes a vacation and has mastered every station..

Such a good manager.

Are you ready to lose that person?!

What if they come in and put in their 2 weeks TODAY?

Have you thought about that?

Are you ready?

If not, this episode will give you some tangible and practical tips!

Here is a fact: they are not married to your business and to your restaurant like you!!

This is YOUR baby not theirs!

Sooner or later, they’ll move on! Maybe next year, maybe next month or today!

There is a fine line between relying on someone in a healthy or an unhealthy way where your restaurant is vulnerable!

As I am mentioning this.. Can you think of someone? That you are vulnerable if they leave today?

Maybe someone who has been working for you for 10 years..

That when they are on the shift, the works gets done but you don’t know how, when and etc. And all the details.

Don’t put your head in the sand! It’ll get ya when you least expect it!

If you’ve been in the restaurant industry for a minute you know that turnover is a fact.

Some establishments have higher turnover rate than others.

There are many factors you cannot control in this business.

You cannot control if people are going to stay with you or not, long term.

However, what you have control over is your proactive approach to the people aspect of your restaurant for the sake of the team!!

You can take measures TODAY and have a system in place where if this TOP PERFORMER leaves, the operations isn’t affected, the team isn’t affected as bad..

The benefit of this process is that even if they do not leave for the next year, 5 or 10 years.. You now have a training system in place that you can use to strengthen your whole team!

Instead of having many C players and 3 A players.

You use this system to increase your WHOLE teams skill set!

Step 1)

Awareness! Who are the top 2 to 3 individuals you heavily rely on If they were to give you their two weeks notice today you will be hurt??

Step 2)

You must have a detailed list of duties these individuals perform on a daily weekly monthly basis.

How do you get that?

You sit with this person once and ask them who are top people that these individuals can train to move up the ladder?

You have THEM tell you the next layer of potential and future stars!

You ask the top performer to train these future leaders systematically.

What do I mean by that?!

There must be a system to follow when training! Otherwise, it’s just a set of tasks and to do’s that are based on what I can remember now… OhI forgot this, or I forgot that.

Step 3)

Put your top performer in charge of creating the training!

Where you do start?!

Step 4)

Give your top performer a sheet to braindump everything they do on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis that you may or may not be aware of.

Tell him to take a sheet of paper home and set a time on the schedule next week where they fill the sheet out throughout the week as things come up.

Step 5)

Look at their list and bundle them up into categories that can be turned into training modules.

Step 6)

Work with them week to week and come up with a training checklist or what we call Training Passport for each of those categories.

Step 7)

Ask you top performer to choose a couple folks they can train next week on say this category and then next and etc.

Step 8)

Think about a raise you can give to these new team members who are acquiring new skills!

Step 9)

Find out what’s next for your top performers!

How can you serve them better?

What are their goals and ambitions?

What frustrates them about the workplace?

What do they like about their job? Or dislike?

Can you give some of the things they have been doing for the past couple years to new team members and train these top performers on some of the tasks that YOU DO?

So you lower your load and start working ON the business! Hint hint: make time for marketing?!

The reason I am talking about this today is that in the last few years we’ve had this issue before.. That we rely on someone so much.. Specially the one person who takes initiative and covers for others and ultimately covers the weaknesses in the restaurant.. Mostly we don’t even notice it!

Somehow when they are on the shift things go smooth..

Then, out of the blue we lost that person. They moved maybe, had health issues, family issues. Got a better job offer or just decided to go to college or something.

Then, we had to REACT to this and add to our stress. Scramble a solution.

Our strategy now is to have a highly skilled team. Not just a few top performers.

This is an area we are still working on.. And that’s why I am sharing it with you in hopes that it helps you out.

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Thank you so much for listening.

Now let’s back to work and making some doooough!



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