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How Do You Stand Out Against Pizza Giants?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

We came into the current marketplace where there were already established restaurants.

They were already known in the community for something, like supporting the military.

We needed a way to make ourselves known.

Our disadvantage was we didn’t know the demographics or what other people were known for.

There wasn’t a pizzeria in town that was family friendly.

We serve a particular demographic, young families with small children.

We focus on partnering with schools and other child related organizations in our area.

It’s a great relationship and fulfills a need in the community.

Everyone likes vanilla, but when you have other options (like pistachio), people are willing to pay more for it.

We strive to be more than vanilla by offering a menu with few preservatives that is made fresh daily.

We want to be that flavor that people crave and are willing to pay that extra for.

Recently, another pizzeria in our area went out of business.

Their demographic focused on middle aged couples with grown kids.

They focused on serving domestic and craft beer on tap.

It was a place where people could watch sports and drink.

Their food was mediocre.

They chose to be vanilla.

These places are being challenged by new modern places like Mod Pizza and Urban Bricks.

There’s even a movie theater complex being built with a pizzeria inside.

As we ride the wave of uncertainty, we have to ask ourselves, what is going to make us stand out and be the best in our community.

We address this in our next blog, “The foundations of a Successful restaurant".



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