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Restaurant Sales Goals, Quarterly Meeting

Have you ever heard this saying “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” by Helen Keller?

If not, I bet you know this already by experience.

We’ve all been a part of a group where teamworks makes something incredible and this is the power of having a team as a business owner.

Last July 2nd, 2018..

We had our OPP meeting which is our outcome process, a performance goals but which is kind of our quarterly meeting with our managers.

Just kind of setting up some goals, some projects and we can go over that in a future episode about the details of what we do.

About five hours of meeting and we feel like it was a very actually fruitful meeting. For the most part we did but what we wanted to talk about is the power of having a team you know as a business owner.

We feel like having that meeting with our managers.

We feel like energized..

.. and feel like it's great to set some expectations for them as well as, “Hey these are what Matt and I are gonna be working on”, this is the theme for the corner, we're kind of accountable.

It's just so important to have a team behind you.

No man is an island, you can do nothing by yourselves.

You’ve got to have a team, you need a team to encourage them for you to lead by example, and you gotta set some goals for yourself.

You know Matthew has things that he's the theme for himself is like leadership systems.

I, Hengam have to do marketing and sales systems. I need to do it from our marketing and hand out the system to somebody else and hire three people.

To run the marketing and sales online,

All that instead of me creating Facebook Ads, could be me writing all the emails and stuff, taking the photos and taking the videos.

So those are our goals in terms of Matt who's got to work on leadership systems and stuff.

But anyways I didn't want to talk about, all I wanted to say it is powerful and to have a team that everybody is working with the same vision and the same direction and everybody’s excited.

One of the things that I meant.

I'm very happy with this,

that if they all achieve this sales goal that we can increase maybe 15%, our sales this next quarter over the same quarter last year.

We're gonna send three or four of them to Clearwater Florida for a business conference.

They were excited all that that we gotta get people excited to move toward something.

So when they achieve it, they celebrated and one of the things Matt and I love to do is lead by example.

That is why next week in the next few days, we're going to Destin Florida.

I am doing that and then Matt’s going to Ficksburg and see the military battlefield, but it's important to celebrate.

I feel like one of the things that our managers want to know what is that they're working towards,

They want to be like, that's the lifestyle of the owner do I see.

I want to have that lifestyle one day

.. and I really think that you know that's one of the things we want to do is be inspiring for like you know Austin and Cass or our current managers.

I'd be like..

”Hey we want to be in the same position we want to operate this restaurant one day for us to be able to travel to go business conference.”

I hope you guys have a fantastic quarter,

we had a great quarter last Q2 2018. Ernie's were above expected,

we had we always shoot for a two digit growth for 10% or more sales growth quarter from last year this year.

So were able to hit that by God's grace. Now we've got the equipment, we're ready for actually closer to 50% we can handle it.

I hope you guys are keeping busy,

plan your quarter, set some goals,

set some expectations,

give a clear vision of direction your team

And celebrate!



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