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Nothing can be that frustrating as a restaurant owner - when you do your best, pushing your team day in and day out.

Putting out good food, a friendly service and yet it seems like your sales are NOT growing fast enough.

Today, we are going to go through 10 different aspects of your restaurant and dig deep into identifying what’s hindering your restaurant sales growth and potential. Ask yourself these questions and find out what is hindering your restaurants sales growth:

1) Check your online review platforms. Is your food delicious in your customers opinion?

2) Is your food’s taste and portions consistent?

3) Do you have speeds of service standards that every member of your team knows and follows religiously for your appetizers, entré and desserts?

4) Is your service overly friendly and memorable?

5) What are the opportunities in your customer service that you can focus on to stand out in the marketplace?

6) Is obscurity stopping your restaurant sales?

7) What are 3 things you can do this week to kill obscurity and get exposure for your restaurant?

8) How much do you currently budget for your marketing monthly? Should you increase your marketing budget?

9) Are you snipper focused on growing your sales? Do you spend 2 to 5 hours a week focused on Money Generating Activities?

10) Do you have a clear strategy in capturing your customers contact information and continue to build relationships with them week in and week out?

If your restaurant hasn’t grown the way you want it to try to find the reasons behind it and not the excuses for it.

Finding the reasons will make you work for the improvements required and your business will grow accordingly, a simple cause and effect.



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