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How can your Restaurant Serve the Community through Facebook Groups

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Facebook Groups can be a very good site in reaching out to your local community.

As a restaurant, it is not only important that we serve the best food or give the best service to our customers. It is also significant that we serve our community.

If the people recognize our role, not only as a food establishment but an institution that cares for the community, it would be easier for us to gain their trust and respect.

One significant reason that you should be on Facebook Groups is that it is a great opportunity for you to get involved in the community.

Facebook Groups is where people talk, different things are going on in the community. And there are a lot of opportunities on how you can get connected with your community through Facebook Groups:

🗹Be a Fundraiser

For instance, there are Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts who need money for different things, so there is an opportunity for a fund-raising.

You can pitch in and say, "Hey, I am the owner of this restaurant, we will be happy to host the spirit night and for you guys, I will send a direct message and let's set this up."

Other people are going to be reading that, and may say, "Wow look at this restaurant."

You are inserting yourself into the community. When people are gathered, you want to be there.

And that is one of the things that you must do as a local establishment, to be involved in community events.

🗹Help a family in need

Another opportunity is for you to help a family in need.

For instance, one of the things that happened to us some time ago, I read a post from a Facebook Group and a local family were burned down by some fire situation.

I sent them a message and they replied, "the family was given a hotel room, for the week we'll be getting clothes, if anyone can donate gift cards please contact so and so."

So there, we can see that the community is helping. People are getting together to hope, and to serve a family in need in the community.

And you want to be there because you too, care, not because it is a marketing tactic.

Because you live here, you want this community to be a better place because you are here, right?

So that's one of the ways, be always on the lookout for those who need help in the community and support. By all means, find ways on how you can cheer them up.

They may have been in a car accident, there's a death, or a birth in the family, how can you insert yourself in the community?

🗹Build a partnership

The other opportunity that you can find in Facebook Groups is partnership opportunities.

For instance, for us, there was a business that opened up a few years ago called Color Clay, a pottery place where families, especially, kids go in.That was a great opportunity for us to reach out.

We sent them a direct message that went something like this, "Hey, we want to be your partner, maybe we can put a night together in our patio where kids can do pizza, you know we are on the pizza restaurant."

So pizza and pottery, or something like that. It is a fantastic way for you to identify businesses that are in the community that you can partner with.

Even if it is a local bank. I don't care if it's Wells Fargo, you can reach out to them, and figure out what you can set up for the community.

Can you put up something with Wells Fargo for a particular thing and partner with people? It's a wonderful opportunity.

Maximize the usage of Facebook Groups by connecting with your local community.

Your restaurant needs community involvement because by doing so, you become a good influence on the people.

Thus, attracting more customers, and growing your profit.

It is like hitting two birds with one stone, being well-known by the people through helping them, and at the same time, promoting your business to them.

But most importantly, nothing could be more fulfilling than knowing that even in your little ways, you can make a difference to your community.


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