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The foundations of a Successful restaurant

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

In our last blog we addressed the challenges of being a small local business in a community of pizza giants.

We have to find our niche and make ourselves known in our community.

One idea is to embrace that new theater being built and connect to the popular movies that are coming out or are already out.

People love merchandise and all the hype of popular movies.

Theaters begin promoting the coming movies weeks, even months ahead of the opening to get people excited and motivated to see it.

We could do something along the same lines by making themed pizzas relating to movie titles or characters.

It would require extra effort on our part to be creative, posting on social media and hoping it goes viral.

Ride on the fame of the movie to draw people to our pizzeria.

We tried this a few months ago when Jurassic World was coming out.

We created a video of T-Rex coming in to pick up his order.

(Insert video link) The staff’s reaction was priceless and memorable.

Another idea would be to contact the actor and find out what his/her favorite pizza toppings are and create a pizza named for him/her.

Hopefully we would get a response back and could promote it in our restaurant.

In our business it’s not just about the food, the presentation and service must reflect that quality we want to be known for.

Remember, we are not vanilla!

How can we get people to want to come Mattengas instead of a pizza giant?

We address is in our next blog, “How your restaurant can shine in the Community?”.



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