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Is the LOCATION of your realy restaurant that important? What’s the obsession with location location location?

You’ll be surprised to hear our thoughts on this!

We all have heard this famous term and yes, we do believe it is very important.

Needless to say, you will be paying extra for a great location.

But, what I want to talk to you today is this. You may have already purchased a restaurant, and sales have been slow and you wonder if it’s because of your location.

This is what we thought. First year of our restaurant. Sales sucked and we thought oh it’s our poor location!

The question is: now, what are you going to do?

Are you just going to sit around and moan about the fact that your location and your visibility is not as good as your competitor down the road?

Have you seen some restaurant in some whole off the road in your town that is always busy? I have! We have a couple of them in our town.

They don’t have the best parking, even maybe their food isn’t out of this world. And yet, they are still super busy. How are they doing it?!!

There is a BBQ joint 30 min away from the city and literally in the middle of nowhere which is always mobbed - they make an average of $10M in gross sales!!!

So, if this is your case. I’d like you to answer a few questions:

  • Is it indeed the location that is the cause of your low sales? Or there is another reason? Maybe you are failing one of the 3 Basic Before Marketing Your Restaurant? This is what happened to us 1st year of our restaurant. We believed this lie that it’s our location’s fault and then, we got a Chick Fil A in our parking lot! A Chick Fil A store on average makes around $4M. Right in our parking lot. So, was it the locations fault we were unsuccessful? Clearly NOT!

  • How will YOU overcome the Location issue in your restaurant? Maybe it is indeed your location that is the problem. Maybe an inconvenient parking lot? Hard entrance? Here is the thing, this issue of your “location” will be held against you even if you go and sell your restaurant! So, why don’t you just tackle it and overcome this obstacle.

How can you overcome a bad restaurant location obstacle?

You have to be WAY more creative than your competitor down the road with all the visibility who is relying on his location comfortably!

In fact, you need to be MORE creative than them, you need to have BETTER service than them, you need to have BETTER food than them, you need a BIGGER marketing budget than them, BETTER value and LOWER ticket times than them.

BETTER and more creative social media strategy, in store experience and all in all, you need to EXCEED all expectations to WIN!

You need to be way more nimble and on offense than the ones with a good location!



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