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Is it Possible for a Restaurant Owner to Leave the Operations?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Are you a restaurant owner who does almost all of the tasks in your daily operations?

Do you know how much you make per hour?

What other activities can you do that is worth more than the operational tasks that you are doing right now?

You know that whatever task you do, you can always hire someone to do it for you, right?

For example, cleaning, if it is a $7.25/hr job (which is the minimum wage in Texas), that will be equivalent to an average of $1100 a month or $14,000 yearly.

However, you are thinking that it is better to keep the $14,000 than to give it to somebody else.

But that is the wrong approach, and that is why you are stuck in your operations.

Even if you are to delegate a task that is worth $25/hr, which is $48,000 annually, that is still no money to run a business.

If you are making $100,000 a year as a restaurant owner ideally, why not right? You deserve it, it is high-risk and high-reward. The average value of your hour that you spend should be $50-$55 per hour.

And you can't just stop doing those things because obviously, you don't have the people for it. If you have it, you wouldn't be doing it, right?

If you have the pieces of training in place, you don't have to do it.

So think about your week. Can you start with 5 hours a week working on tasks that are worth $50/hr?

For example, you create a training video for a task in your business to be used by the trainee to learn. You do that task (creating a training video) once, and then the staff will just watch it over and over.

Now that is a more valuable task, you simply are even making more money out of the hours you spent because you don't have to be spending more hours.

Can you spend 5 hours a week creating some training videos so you can free up some of your time to focus on money-generating activities?

You may need to start 2 hours a week, or 5 hours a week, or 10 hours a week. And before you knew it, you are out of the operations.

You thought it was impossible, and believed that it is hopeless for you not to be involved in the operations.

Now, you can focus more on activities that will generate more money into your restaurant, rather than doing some operational tasks that are apparently, not making you money.

Again ask yourself, what are the tasks you are doing throughout the day? If you would delegate them to somebody else, how much would you have to pay? Is it worth it?


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