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5 Ways To Promote Online Delivery Order

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The demand for online delivery orders in the restaurant industry continues to grow each year thus we must put this in our priority.

While there are still some customers who prefer to eat and dine in restaurants, we as owners and managers must exert extra effort to reassure these people that transitioning to online services is a lot more convenient, easier and faster.

So how do we push more with online ordering?

When customers want to place an order online, it is important that they can easily see that we have online take-out and online delivery available. That's one of the ways that we've done in our restaurant.

There are a lot of ways to promote online delivery order options:

👌 Website - we make it prominent on our website that we do the delivery. It says, dine-in, carry-out and delivery.

The line "MAKE YOUR ONLINE ORDER NOW" must be prominent or highlighted on the top page of your website for easy access.

👌 Printed materials - anything printed that we have such as printed menus, coupons, flyers, posters, receipts, etc., we always have the message that our online ordering is available at our website. It says dine-in, carry-out and delivery.

👌 Social media - we have a video that shows a pizza going into a delivery bag, it is like a boomerang, that is posted on our Facebook page.

We use captions with verbiage that says, "You don't even need to get out of the house... "

We use photos and short videos hinting that we have a delivery order option. We have done this multiple times to promote on social media.

👌 Email marketing - we send emails to our customers weekly. It is part of our rewards program that our customers would allow us to market to them via email.

Our email campaigns always have at the bottom of it a red circle that says "ORDER ONLINE NOW". This creates an awareness that we do offer online ordering.

👌 Business cards - we have business cards that encourage customers to use our online ordering platform. On our business card, we have a text that says, dine-in, pick-up, and delivery.

The online ordering system is a simple and convenient way for customers to buy food online, without having to go physically to the restaurant.

These items will then be delivered right to their doorsteps or be ready for pick-up (whichever they prefer) at the time they click on the purchase button on the website.

However, some people are not just used to place an order using the online platform.

They would even prefer waiting in line for too long rather than doing it for a few minutes through the website.

It is very difficult to change people's behavior, it takes many years to do that.

But of course, there are always ways to encourage these people to get rid of the traditional practice and try this convenient and faster means of ordering their food.


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